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Please feel free to roam around, and get aquainted with our Cockers. Just click on "Puppy Page", for updates. 

All our Cocker Spaniels are AKC registered, and are family pets. Our puppies come with their AKC papers, some limited "pet" price, & some full breeding rights (full breeding rights will only be given to those  of the best quality according to AKC standards). Pet price (limited) is $1200 each, Full breeding rights is $1500 each. They have their dewclaws removed, and their tails are docked. We make sure they are vet checked, and come with age appropriate vaccinations and deworming. Also, they are well loved, and a little pre-spoiled. Please contact me to be put on a waiting list.

Also, I am willing to meet you with 3 hours drive time from my home in Gunnison, CO. for a fee that will reimburse me for gasoline.  So far, my "normal" drop off spots have been: Grand Junction, Montrose, Colorado Springs, Conifer, Buena Vista, Fairplay, Canon City, & Monta Vista. If these towns don't work for you, we should be able to work something out, because I might be able to deliver farther away from my home for a larger fee. 

I will hold your new family member for a non-refundable $500 deposit. A PUPPY IS NOT CONSIDERED ON HOLD FOR SOMEONE, UNTIL A DEPOSIT HAS BEEN MADE. We accept Paypal (add 5%), Money Orders, Personal Check (allow 2 weeks to clear), and cash (in person, and receipt of cash given immediately).

Shipping might be possible, let's talk. I do live 4.5 hours from Denver International Airport, so additional fees will apply. Shipping cost are approximately $550 per puppy, which includes shipping crate, required Health Certificate, flight ticket, and transport to Denver, CO. (If the costs are higher or lower, I will adjust the fee depending on actual costs incurred.) This fee has to be paid in full, before I will book the flight. Puppy will be shipped at 9 weeks old, using the best airline available. Shipping will only be within the lower Continental States. No overseas shipping, or shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

We are NOT a puppy mill, and I refuse to sell to puppy mills or experimental laboratories. I want to make sure all my "kids" go to good, loving homes. I have had families adopt siblings from me before, and if you would like to get 2 or more puppies from me from one litter, we do discount the pricing. 

Thanks for visiting. Julie

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You can contact me in numerous ways:

Julie Bathje, Gunnison, CO 81230

Home (970)641-2893, Cell (970)596-6303

EMAIL me at: [email protected]


Our Females

***Namees Rambl-N Rose was born May 17, 2008. Rose is chocolate. She moved here from Renville, Minnesota in September 2011. (Thank you Margaret !!!!!)  Rose was a proven breeder, having already had 2 litters before coming to us. (The first on 6/16/10, producing 4 puppies. The second on 12/18/10, producing 5 puppies.) She has had two litters for us. Her second litter for us, with Rusty as the dad, produced our show girls, Daisy and Lily. (Rose has passed now, but her legacy lives on here with us.

 ***AM'S Classic Namees Rambl-N Pearl was born on July 29, 2011. Pearl is black. She moved here from Sterling, Colorado in September 2011. (Thanks Miranda !!!!!)

 ***Rose and Pearl share the same lineage. Rose is Pearl's Aunt. (Their common lineage includes Namees Rambl-n Man. Namees Classic Jazz, Namees Marble Man-ia, Namees Barbershop Classic,  and Namees Country Natalie.) The Namees line has many, many, many Champions.

***We also have JDB's Little Miss Ruby's Magic. Ruby is a Chocolate and White Parti, who comes from a line of Partis, so should be producing lots of color varieties for us. 

***JDB's Classic Namees Rambl-N Daisy, and JDB's Classic Namees Rambl-N Lily (whose parents are Rose and Rusty) were born December 4, 2013. Daisy has finished her Grand Championship now.

***Also at our home, we have Lucy. I have been showing her since she was 6 months old. Lucy will be a permanent member of our family. Ninja and Pearl are the parents of Lucy (and her brother Desi, who lives as a service dog in Colorado). Lusy has her Grand Championship now.

***We also have Emme  (Emerald) at our home. She is a Brown and White Parti, with Ninja and Ruby as her parents.

***Joining us last year is Sassy, from Florida. She is working on her AKC Championship right now.

Our Studs:

***JDB'S Ted E Bear Rusty was born 12/26/11. Rusty  had his first litter with Rose on May 20. 2013. Their puppies were gorgeous, and all were born Chocolate. Their second litter was Daisy and Lily. (Rusty is now living in Crested Butte, CO with his new owner, working as a service dog.)

***CH Julre's Mud Ninja. Born 9/6/12. Ninja is Chocolate with Tan Points. He came to us from Julre's Cockers in Missouri. (Thank you Julie Turner-Hays.)

***On August 26th, 2017 I was blessed with a new family member. I flew to Jacksonville, FL and met with Linda Bennett of Toybox Cockers. I was lucky enough to be blessed with Toybox Jett Striker One (Jett). He is solid Black, and the proud son of GCH Silverhall Strike Force One (Striker), and CH Silverhall  Superdeluxe. Striker is the #1 Cocker Spaniel of all Varieties in 2017. Just love that boy. Jett has finished his Championship now.


Terms of Puppy Sale

1.) All puppies are sold in good health with shots and worming up to date. Tails and dew claws removed.  

2.) Health of puppies regarding  illness  is guaranteed for 48 hours from purchase. As puppies are live animals, young and subject to stress, we encourage all buyers to take puppies to a vet and have a health exam done within 48 hours of purchase. If Puppy is found to have had illness at time of sale by a Veterinarian, we will refund purchase price and take back the puppy. Puppy must be returned to us at Buyers expense within 72 hours of sale.  Vet fees and puppies expenses (food, toys, etc) during the 72 hour period are the Buyers responsibility, unless a written agreement between the Buyer and Seller has been made. 

3) Breeding quality dogs are always priced higher than pet quality dogs. Pet quality dogs will have LIMITED registration with the AKC, and any resulting litters from said dogs will not be eligable for registration. (Please be aware that we discourage breeding dogs by anyone without a well planned breeding program, and will not sell with full registration if we do not feel comfortable with the ethics of an inquiring breeder, or the quality of the puppy as compared to the AKC Cocker Spaniel Standards.) 

4) All puppies sold are purebred, and puppies with full breeding rights are eligable for registration with the  American Kennel Club. 

5.) We will ship Puppies at 9 weeks for cost of Crate, health certificate, & gas mileage. Air-bill will be  paid in advance by Buyer, before the puppy will be shipped by the Seller. Puppies will only be flown to the Continental United States, when weather conditions are acceptable.

***** I do have a Puppy Buyer/Seller Agreement that will be signed at date of transfer. Please contact me, and I can send you a copy for you to read over.